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Wonders can’t be explained; they are marvelous, just unbelievable. In reality, however, that’s the quality that makes them so pleasing to their beholders. What’s behind all this? What is just beyond of what we face every day, what we observe, what we experience? 

WUNDER answers these questions.

We think people are just as wonderful as the things they achieve. The mission of WUNDER is to share stories – by providing interviews, portraits, reports and short stories. After all, stories are there to be told to the world.

WUNDER is a portrait magazine that is distributed biannually.


Julius Gerhardt (Model, Artist)

Christoph Amend (ZEIT Magazin)

Alicja Kwade (Artist)

Hien Le (Fashion-Designer)

Florian Burkhardt (Former Topmodel, Auther)

Ana Saraiva (Model, Sculptress)

Kevin Pouzou (Ballet Dancer)

Marina Kanno (Ballet Dancer)

Bianca Fuczo (Ballet Dancer)

Enno Kleinhanding (Ballet Dancer)

Michel Rohlmann (Ballet Dancer)

Lary (Singer, Songwriter)

Tobias Markus (Interior-Shop-Owner)

Viktoria Strehle (Creative Director)

Jannik Schümann (Actor)

Maximilian Bungarten (Director)

Jonathan Emilian (Violist)

Jannis Niewöhner (Actor)

Jesper Munk (Singer)

Langston Uibel (Actor)

Chandler LaFee (Poet)

Erika Schicht (Former Bond-Girl)

Ayodele Taiwo (Photographer)


Oliver Tippl (Editor-in-Chief)

Christoph Schaller (Photographer)

Yannick Schütte (Photographer)

Sere Rivers (Illustrator)

Amelie Kahl (Contributing Writer)

Chandler LaFee (Contributing Writer)

Antonia Köppl (Contributing Writer)

Evelyn Kliesch (Contributing Writer)

Saskia Schmidt (Fashion-Editor)

Jasmin Meyer-Jürshof (Fashion-Editor)

Philipp Koch-Verheyen (Hair & Make-up)

Latisha Nicholson (Hair & Make-up)

Tina Pachta (Hair & Make-up)

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