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The first edition of WUNDER runs under the title “Timeless”. The pictures were taken by the Munich-based photographer Christoph Schaller. 

For us, “Time” is a great topic to deal with, not only because it has a very relative aspect but also because it allows us to think outside of the box. It creates something much deeper and well-conceived as the things that are coming to our mind when we think about “Time”.


WUNDER 01 will be printed and published in Autumn/ Winter  2018. It features around 30 people in single and group stories on around 200 pages. The cover features top model and sprayer Julius Gerhardt. He was discovered as a model at the age of 16 and started his career with campaigns for Prada and Yves Saint Laurent as well as the cover of VOGUE Homme Japan. He always expressed himself by spraying graffiti. His passion for this kind of art involved him in an accident he barely survived: He climbed on a train and got burned. His survival is a pure wonder. After almost two years of recovery he returned on the catwalk for Prada. He is the face of Zara. Asking yourself if he stopped spraying after his accident? “I will never stop, it was an experience but it is my passion.” The magazine is in German and translated in English.


FEATURING Julius Gerhardt, Christoph Amend, Alicja Kwade, Hien Le, Florian Burkhardt, Ana 

Saraiva, Kevin Pouzou, Marina Kanno, Bianca Fuczo, Enno Kleinhanding, Michel Rohlmann, 

Lary, Tobias Markus, Jannik Schümann, 

Maximilian Bungarten, Jonathan Emilian, Jannis Niewöhner, Jesper Munk, Langston Uibel, 

Chandler LaFee, Erika Schicht, Ayodele Taiwo


German, English


240 mm x 320 mm

ISSN 2511-0691

Edition of 1000 Copies. 

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