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Julius Gerhardt


Christoph Amend

Sere Rivérs

Jannis Niewöhner

Erika Schicht

Florian Burkhardt

Ana Saraiva

Hien Le

Jannik Schümann

Photographed by Christoph Schaller

Wunder is a biannual Portrait-Magaziene founded in 2016 by Oliver Tippl.

Miracles are hard to explain, they are something incredible. This is exactly what makes them so interesting for the viewer.

What's behind all this? What’s behind everything we see, perceive and experience every day? This is the question Wunder is dealing with.

For us, people as well as their doings are miracles. Wunder wants to share stories in the form of interviews, portraits, reports and short stories. Because stories are there to be shown to the world.

In addition, each issue, which runs on a specific topic,  is curated by one photographer. This forms a red thread through the issue and can always build new wonders.

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© 2016 Wunder Journal. 

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